Comment Policy

We at SBC TooDazed appreciate your comments. However, we rule our comment threads with an iron fist. Hijack a thread and we will gather in a circle to pronounce a curse of boils upon you. Criticize a “resource manager” and we will ban you for all eternity plus one hundred years. Disagree with us and we will gang up on you like bullies on a playground. We will steal your lunch money and call you girly names.

You may refer to other bloggers however you wish, though we reserve the right to edit your comments appropriately to reflect the names we prefer.

Anonymous commenters will be subject to IP tracing and the highest level of sleuthing so that we can track you down and call you Robert L. Thompson. We will hound every Sprint employee we can find until we root you out of your darkness and bring you into our scorching light. We are not beyond falsely accusing you of being Robert L. Thompson – or anyone else of our choosing.

Bow to our will and everyone will be happy.


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