How (Not) To Sleep In Church

Inspired as we were by the recent video clip we ran of Bill Clinton practicing a full-on eyelid inspection during church we at SBC TooDazed wish to provide a brief educational post for those who’s pastor may be preaching through the census data in Numbers, the article on Christian Education in the Baptist Faith and Message or the damning influence of Hershel Hobbs on the SBC of the last generation. These techniques may also be of use at your next local Baptist Identity conference. Of course, you may want to stay awake for the sessions where Calvinists and charismatics get their appropriate skillet-in-the-head treatment, but for those sessions on why we call John “the Baptist” take these notes from Mr. Bean and some very helpful advice from Bro. T. R. Scott.

Mr. Bean:

T. R. Scott:


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3 Responses to “How (Not) To Sleep In Church”

  1. James Hunt Says:

    That’s pretty funny, “Nancy.”

  2. Debbie Kaufman Says:

    OK, now your hitting a nerve. 🙂

  3. M. Steve Heartsill Says:

    Hopefully, it’s not your last nerve Debbie…

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