This is a parody site. It is not a parody of the ABC television show The View. It is a parody of the internet weblog SBC Today. I do not watch The View. I have nothing against The View nor any of the co-hosts on The View. However, I find some similarities between the ABC television show and SBC Today. Both do a lot of interviews. That is the first thing that led me to the association between SBC Today and The View. Both are also a lot of fluff. And both probably take themselves a little too seriously. I’m certain this is true of SBC Today.

When you see references to co-hosts on The View they are, in reality, references to contributors at SBC Today. So that you will know who is being referenced, I’ve listed them below:

As the original owner of SBC Today it seems only fitting that references to Babwa Wawa are actual references to Wes Kenney.
Yippee Goldstein is Tim Rogers
Liz Hasselhoff is Scott Gordon
Karin Bear is Robin Foster, and
Shifty Shepherd is Joe Stewart.

It should also be noted that every now and then we make mention of a “Robert L. Thompson from Kansas City.”  This is, of course, a fictional name as we don’t really want people trying to contact the man who the girls at The View actually did accuse of being Bill Kiffin.

Please keep this in mind as you read SBC TooDazed


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