The Peter File

The Peter File contains some of our favorite quotes from Mr. Peter Lamekin. We find Peter to be especially obtuse among the BI brethren and to show our special affection we list these, our favorite quotes for all to enjoy.

Mr Burleson, I commend you and your Church for what you are doing.

I own no dense illusion that I can impact a lot of folk

“redneck theology”–a term that may or may not be an accurate description of me and my view

My commitment in the past has been to never write anything

I’m entirely confused

Actually, our only recourse is to amend the Baptist Faith and Message.

my view is simply an unhealthy pursuit

my position is the biblical one

I continue insisting my view is the right view theirs is the wrong one and become so disruptive

My position makes me a “moral legalist” and even a “blasphemer” of God Almighty

the hermeneutic I use is a “hyper-fundy blind literalism method of exegesis” which leads to “errant legalist doctrine”.

God favors intoxicating drink in moderation for every purpose including recreation

I made the mistake in one post from which I simply could not recover:

the difficulties here, at least for me, become insurmountable

Certain comments are not welcome

You appear to possess a strained view of what constitutes moral absolutes

“Are there, in your opinion, any circumstances where a Christian can, without committing sin, abort an unborn fetus?” My answer would be, just as it was with consuming alcohol, certainly! There are some circumstances allowing for abortion

I do apologize for its length. But honestly, you may have pinched me as much or more than any thus far. Take your time. No hurry.

Sandwiched between the internal and external signs of a man in love…and the consequents of that love…

God has created this lucious, steamy brew for you to drink and enjoy and to make merry

My belly spills out over my britches

if being a legalist is taking all the words of Scripture seriously, I stand proud and I refuse to stand down

I’ll simply ask you to annie up

[And I’ll ask you to Lottie up]


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