What’s Good For The Goose

…is definitely NOT good for the gander.

One thing you can be sure of here at SBC Toodazed: you comment at your own risk.  If you read the comment policy here you’ll quickly discover that we reserve the right to be mean and nasty and even arbitrary, if we so please.  But at least we tell you that up front.  We don’t pretend that we’ll be all fair or that “you will be publicly admonished.”  Heck, no.  You make the comment.  You take the risk.  We have all the fun.

But don’t expect anything near the same from Babwa and the girls at The View.  No siree.  They’ll tell you that “Dialog is good, character assaults are not! You must debate the issue. Anyone speaking ill of a brother or sister in Christ will have their comments removed. We may not catch it when you comment, but when we see it, you will be publicly admonished. If you persist, you stand the chance of losing your commenting privileges here at SBC Today.

Anonymous posting is welcome. If you post anonymously you will be held to a higher standard. If there is anything deemed inappropriate by our resource managers your comment will be removed.”

Holy pile of skubalon, Batman.  Here is what they mean by what they say: “Dialog is good, character assaults are not, unless they are leveled against someone with whom we do not agree.  If we do not like your ideas you must debate the issue.  Anyone speaking ill of one of us, a friend, or a leader in the SBC not named Jerry Rankin will have their comments removed.  If we do not like your comment and if we do not like you there will be no public admonishment.  Your comment, and you, will be removed from SBC Today.

Anonymous posting is welcome, especially if you confirm us in our own beliefs.  If you do not then we will sick our coon dogs on you until we track you down, chase you up a tree, or at least tree as many Sprint employees in Kansas City as possible.  Just ask Bill Kiffin.  Or Robert L. Thompson.  However, if you are anonymous and we agree with what you say you may break any or all of the rules above and comment freely.  Our resource managers will really like you.”

Speaking of geese and ganders there sure seems to be a lot of large aquatic bird droppings in the comment policy over there.


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