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Please Keep Your Hands And Feet Inside The Ride At All Times

May 1, 2008

It appears that they are cranking up the old Private Investigative skills once again over in the If You’re Not One of Us You’re Not One of His crowd. Yessireee. They’re strapping on their infrared goggles, putting on their camo, painting their faces and dancing around the fire. The Hunt has begun.

It’s open season on Wade Burleson’s ghost writer. We must find him. We must discover what he really believes about the authorship of Genesis. We must discover who taught him such heresies. And we must get them a new job at Arby’s. Or with the sanitation department. Or on Jeremiah Wright’s pastoral staff.

Rosie O’Worley seems to be especially concerned.

Just in case you see a seminarian roasting over an open fire or falling from a Six Flags ride or something I wanted you to be aware of the context of just such an unfortunate event.

Now, if Robert L. Thompson has an “unfortunate accident” on the Mini Mine Train…well….you’ll know that once again they got the wrong guy.

[UPDATE: We apologize for using the name Ade-Way Urleson-Bay.  Apparently it is now custom to refer to him as “that blogger” or “the writer of Grace and Truth to You.”  We don’t want the sort of traffic that Google might send our way for people searching the name Wade Burleson of “this blogger.”  Let them not find “the unnamed one” mentioned by name here.  No no no no no.]