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A TooDazed Sighting

May 27, 2008

We were particularly honored this weekend to discover that Babwa mentioned us in an article in the Daily Oklahoman newspaper (HT: SBC Outpost). We are not especially persuaded that SBC Today is as above board as Babwa claims. We here at SBC TooDazed consider veiled references to others (such as “The blogger at Grace and Truth To You”) to be every bit as personal as if they were just to come out and say the name “Wade Burleson” (our apologies to “the unnamed one”). But we’re sort of sticklers that way. In fact, I’ve noticed that on more than several occasions they like to make these veiled references to others and when they are called on it they pull back like King David’s army on Uriah claiming to be speaking about “no one in particular.” In fact, I think Mr. Mann was repeatedly accused of that very thing in the comments regarding his resolution for Indianapolis. [More on that resolution to come.] If they are being honest then they waste a whole bunch of time talking about no one and nothing in particular, which means that they mean to take us all on a regular snipe hunt.

We are also not persuaded that Babwa understands us. We might be inclined to accuse her of misrepresenting us, but perhaps she hasn’t taken her reading comprehension requirement from Liberty Online yet. Apparently she told this reporter that our purpose here at SBC TooDazed is to mock the founders of SBC Today. Well, we would simply invite you to read our disclaimer which says that this is a parody site of SBC Today, not a parody of their founders. While I do enjoy ribbing the co-hosts there, this is ultimately about the things they and others like them promote, not them as people. Truthfully I don’t know any of them to any degree which would allow me to ridicule them. Perhaps if I knew that one of them was, like Martin Luther, given to regular bouts of flatulence I could have some fun with that. Or if, say, Yippee was given to watching daytime soap operas, I might find something in that worthy of some level of derision. Or if Liz really did wear a secret decoder ring and secretly wishes she was Jessica Fletcher….well….now that I mention that, I do suppose I’ve mocked their private investigative skills. But if you’ll not only read the disclaimer, but the posts as well you will discover that I am mocking their agenda and sometimes the way they go about advocating it.

No, truth be told I consider them to be far more dangerous than me. After all, you can read my ramblings and easily conclude that the vast majority of it is satire, tongue-in-cheek and rubbish and that I don’t particularly pretend that it is anything different. However, when you read SBC Today you pretty much get the same amount of refuse as you find here, but it is cloaked in all manner of seriousness.

Bottom line, we have different agendas for the Southern Baptist Convention. They make their points with innuendo. Me. I’m not much into that.

But hey. Thanks for the props! I’m going to have to hire myself a cop to monitor all of the new traffic.