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Wasted Away Again In Magaritaville

June 2, 2008

In a previous post I said that Southern Baptists love irony. Here’s proof.

More Southern Baptists die each year from obesity-related health concerns than the abuse of alcohol, yet for the past two years if you want to see your blog comments skyrocket to new heights just post something on alcohol. Many have. Peter Lamekin posted an astonishing 19 posts on alcohol earlier in the year and has posted yet another one just this week. Yet you will search in vain for a post on obesity. In fact, obesity is the number one health threat in America. Religious people tend to be more overweight than the average population and Baptists (at a whopping 30%) are leading the way. While we are busy inflating our rolls we are apparently also busy inflating our BMIs.

You’ll get Rosie O’Worley all worked up about little babies who’s lives are destroyed by FAS, but he’ll be doing it with a mouth-full of his wife’s famous strawberry pie. In fact, there’s a good chance his wife and children will prematurely become beneficiaries of his Guidestone Insurance’s death policy without him ever taking another drink of alcohol. But you won’t find any posts on obesity coming from the hills and hollars.

As I’ve said before, we love preaching against Other People’s Sins. We’ve been blogging on it for two years. Two years where it’s quite possible that more Southern Baptists have died from heart disease and other obesity-related health problems than the total number of Americans who have died of alcohol-related concerns. What a vivid picture of straining gnats (out of wine) and swallowing camels (at the Furr’s buffet).