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Thanks, Doc, But I’ll Take It From Here

May 17, 2008

Apparently we’ve all most all of us have underestimated the value of a few online semesters of Bible college at Liberty U. But not Babwa. Now that she’s wrapped up the 201 level course in theology with Electronic Ergun she has become quite the expert in Baptist ecclesiology. Or at least this is what she’s declaring to the world. Not only that, she can tell you how weak your own theology is. Thank goodness she’s got that doctorate masters bachelors 30 some-odd hours of online training and a fraternal relationship with Bart Barber and Malcolm Yarnell. Before you know it she’ll be instructing James Leo Garrett and Wayne Grudem in the finer points of Baptist theology.

As knowledgeable as she is I’m quite certain that she tells her auto mechanic that he doesn’t know a Chrysler from a Toyota, a spark plug from a brake shoe, a gasket from a gas cap. Heck, she probably even heals herself. What respectable doctor is there who knows more about the human body than Babwa? After all, she’s taken the Natural Science elective.

Maybe she’ll stick with it long enough to tell the difference between a Baptist and a Roman Catholic. I mean, we can hope, can’t we?


The Sounds of Silence

March 25, 2008

It appears that Babwa and the girls, along with all of the other Paige Patterson groupies out there, have gone all Helen Keller on us.

SBC Outpost has been publishing the Paige Patterson court deposition.  My, oh my!  I never thought a public leader would ever prove to have a memory worse than Ronald Regan during the Iran-Contra proceedings.  Boy, was I wrong.

Not only that, but the things he does remember impeach his woeful leadership skills.  We all know that Sonic would not fire a fry cook based upon such unsubstantiated and undocumented hearsay.  In fact, to pursue a professor without a formal follow-up is to act on nothing more than the gossip of some students who’s agenda remains unknown (if those students, in fact, existed in the first place).

Perhaps those student’s names are Huckleberry Finn, Genji and Madame Bovary – real in the minds of some, but fictional characters to the rest of us.  Who will ever know?  The ineptitude of employer Patterson’s memory is only outdone by his equally inept documentation responsibilities.  And these are not simply allegations.  You can read the public transcripts for yourself.

Which makes one wonder where Babwa, Yippee, Liz, Peter, Damned Barebones and Rosie all are at this moment.  Why aren’t they talking at The View?  Perhaps the batteries in all of their wireless keyboards have all mysteriously gone out at the same time.  Oh, no, that can’t be it.  After all, some of them have made announcements about the official decision of the court.  When it comes to defending Paige Patterson these folks are usually about as inhibited as Rosie O’Donnell and Alec Baldwin are in their comments regarding George Bush (though in an opposite sort of way).

I’d bet my pink Cadillac that not a one of them will have anything at all to say about this deposition.  Oh, brother Barebones may try to find some creative way to make angels dance on the heads of pins.  The rest will just stand there combing their hair in hopes of finding an angel or two up there.