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A Resolution On Theological Evagation

May 28, 2008

As previously mentioned I wanted to evaluate the Mann Resolution that will be presented in Indianapolis in a few weeks. This should be brief.

It is a resolution calling for doctrinal precision in Southern Baptist life.

It is a resolution that is, itself, doctrinally imprecise. It’s motto should be, “A wandering Aramean is my resolution.”

We had to wait all the way up until the very first comment was published for the doctrinal imprecision to be exposed.

When Mr. Mann was repeatedly asked to be more doctrinally precise as to his meaning he repeatedly declined. He even invited people to vote against it because of his lack of precision.

Mr. Mann believes in his resolution in theory, but apparently not in practice.

It should be rejected by the messengers in Indianapolis because it is just short of being devoid of any real content.

It will be unanimously approved by the messengers in Indianapolis because Southern Baptists love doctrinal imprecision and because Southern Baptists love irony.


SBC Today: Theologically Wishy-Washy

May 12, 2008

In a post at SBC Today evaluating the new Evangelical Manifesto, Karin Bear makes a pretty good point when she notes that the Manifesto, which calls for greater ethnic sensitivity and diversity, was not produced by an ethnically diverse group. Woops!!

So, in the long tradition of “Et tu, Brute,” it must be stated that SBC Today is awash in theological vapidity.

If the standard for one’s sincerity is in doing what you expect others to do then SBC Today would get a big, fat “F.”

For instance, Karin takes the document to task for what it does not state. Specifically it does not state a belief in inerrancy. So, while I’m not the professional sort of private investigator that several of them aspire to be, I did a little investigating of my own and discovered that nowhere at SBC Today do they explicitly state, as a group and as policy, that they believe in inerrancy. Nowhere do they state a single theological belief in anything, for that matter. At least not officially. Sure, they all have their own particular theological beliefs, but who knows what they stand for as a group? They don’t say. They have at least given lip service to the notion that they do, at times, disagree with one another (though they may believe in the existence of snipe as well).

That being said we certainly can’t take the statements made by one as official for the whole group. Thus, what they don’t say is what they officially believe in and in that absence one is left to conclude that they may well believe in anything and everything (or nothing) as a group.

And it is for that reason that this Baptist cannot support SBC Today.