An Open Letter To Yippee

Today we left a comment at The View that consisted of the essence of “Case in point number two:” below, but without the sarcasm and wit.  It was rather benign and a point which was relevant to the wildly hurtful accusation <g> leveled at us by the post’s author.  One of the reasons we started SBC TooDazed was that their “resource managers” tend to rule their comment stream with an iron delete button…well….unless, of course, the offender is one of their own.  Then you can practically get away with murder!  [No kidding.  The English language gets killed there on a regular basis.]  However, in the interests of the free exchange of ideas, a voice for the otherwise voiceless, and because we are committed to our part in Rosie’s ongoing sanctification (that she might learn to bless those who curse her and love her enemies), we offer our response here at SBC TooDazed.

Dear Yippee,

Please stop. Blogging. Dear, you’re embarrassing yourself. You were entertaining in Jumpin’ Jack Flash. Not so much on the internet.

Case in point number one: Butchering the English language when speaking can have a sort-of endearing, folksy, down-to-earth sense. I mean, we all love to hear Bill Engvall’s little folksy country twang as he makes fun of people who make videos of themselves being idiots. Thank you, CMT, for bringing enjoyment to our television sets. However, when people write with the hope of being taken seriously it makes it very difficult to do so when the simple rules of English are trampled like attendees at a Who concert. Especially one who has a college degree. It reflects poorly on your alma mater. Surely they know how to educate their students in the basic rules of subject / verb agreement.

Case in point number two: Compelling arguments require clear critical thinking. You demonstrate an aptitude for neither. We hate to say it, dear, but it’s just true. For instance, you recently assume (wrongly, as seems to regularly be the case) that our little poke at The View was in reference to a comment you left on one of Karen’s posts. Au contraire. There was quite enough in the post itself for our attention. However, if you want to insert your own importance into the discussion at hand we are rather more concerned with the part of your comment that you didn’t quote than with the part you did. Take, for instance, this snippet: “My concern is that the GCR advocates more Let’s win the world for Christ and don’t worry about doctrine…” That, my dear, is a criticism of the GCR. That, by the way, is exactly what we stated in the post you referenced here.

Case in point number three: Hyperlinks can be so…fun! They take us places we might never go otherwise. Happy places. Interesting places. We might find a new hat or a good cookbook, or we might find an interesting place to attend where they would both be useful. Many blogging programs try to simplify the hyperlinking process. They do most of the work for us. Yet, you have demonstrated the singular ability to create entire posts which do not contain one successful hyperlink. Links that end up with pages that say, “Try again” or to such uninteresting and useless places like “” are not fun at all.

We would continue, but it just doesn’t seem ladylike to pile on. My dear, you may be a wonderful pastor. Please do not deprive your good people of your personal presence. Use the time you spend on the internet with them or with your family. It will be so much more rewarding for everyone. Or do a Ghost sequel. Now that was a good movie!


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