SBC TooDazed Goes Primitive

Yes, we is throwing out the MLA style book and bringing you our best thinking without messing it all up with things like subject/verb agreement and the like. You used to could of read some other blogs that care about that sorta thing, but we’re throwin’ it to the wind around here.

We used to use all those fancy-dancy rules of English, sometimes throwin’ in a Latin word or two and people didn’t care much for it. They’d call us snooty. Uppity. Holier-n-thou. It made me so mad I was just a-gripin’ and a-gripin’ and the Lord said, “Gripe on!”

Now, we aint gonna dumb it down too much. We’re not gonna get on no kiddie level or nothin. You know, the little children, they talk on a much lower level than what we talk. We gotta keep some class around here. But don’t expect us to be saying anything that’d make you go get your notebook and want to write it down.

That’s all.

Oh, and happy July 4th. Go out and pop you some firecrackers or somethin’.


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3 Responses to “SBC TooDazed Goes Primitive”

  1. James Hunt Says:

    Funie stuf. Kneeded a laff.

  2. jasonk Says:

    And let’s not forget while we are at it that we don’t want to tarnish the ordinances of the local church with a lot of electronal marvels like music, video, lights, air conditioning, etc. Thank goodness we have St. Peter to bring us back to the main thing on that. Of course, he wrote about it on a computer, on the internet, on a blog, so I’m not sure how that all works. But what the heck, right?

  3. Dave Miller Says:

    While we are at it, is it possible to impose the death penalty for the use of emoticons?

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