I’ll Take What’s Behind Curtain Number Three!

Oh, we at SBC TooDazed think it is absolutely fabulous that Johnny Hunt was elected President of the SBC! We believe that Pastor Hunt was the only candidate with the ability to revitalize the annual convention meetings. In a day and age where the average Southern Baptist pastor would rather be smitten with boils than attend the annual convention we predict that Brother Hunt will breathe life back into the dying corpse that is the annual meeting. How will he do this? iPods and Hummers!

He may not be giving any away this year at his Pastor’s Conference, but we believe this strategy may well be the very thing that gets the younger crowd to Orlando next summer in 2010. Well, that and Disney World.


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2 Responses to “I’ll Take What’s Behind Curtain Number Three!”

  1. Dave Miller Says:

    My brief experience at this site leads me to categorize your posts three ways.

    1) Witty and funny
    2) Offensive but funny
    3) Just plain stupid.

    I won’t tell you which category I place this one in, but I’ll give you a hint. It matches the number of the curtain.

  2. Nancy Drew Says:

    Mr. Miller,

    This post may well be stupid, but what is absolutely hilarious is that a number of people find SBC TooDazed by typing certain words and phrases into various search engines. Wanna know what the third most typed in phrase is that people use in getting here since that post went up last week? “Johnny Hunt and Hummer Giveaway.”

    Now that’s just a good old side splitter!

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