Southern Baptists and Alcohol

We here at SBC TooDazed simply can’t let everyone else have all of the fun in the debate over alcohol, so we’ve decided, in order to crank up interest in our little blog prior to Indianapolis, that we shall tackle the alcohol debate ourselves. One of the passages on which the debate hinges is in John’s account of the wedding at Cana. Whatever this story may be telling us, the one thing we cannot believe is that Jesus turned water into actual wine. For our explanation of what did happen on that day we turn to our distinguished professor of New Testament, Dr. Allen David as he shares with us the Biblical view of alcohol and Jesus’ miracle at Cana. This message was from a recent chapel service at the Omnidirectional Baptist Theological Seminary.


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14 Responses to “Southern Baptists and Alcohol”

  1. James Hunt Says:

    Come on. I am one who appreciates humor exceedingly so; but, I don’t have the taste for what this guy did with scripture as fodder for his humor…to include the line purportedly to Jesus, “How the hell did you do that?!”

    At minimum very tacky indeed.

  2. Nancy Drew Says:

    Mr. Hunt,

    Nor do I have the taste for what the typical abstentionist does with Scripture as fodder for their agenda. Sadly we get offended at the one, but not at the other.

    Yes, very tacky, indeed.

  3. Dave Miller Says:

    Here’s my stand. Joke about Christians – we deserve it. But I have trouble joking about God. I don’t tell “God and Tiger Woods went golfing” jokes and I don’t like them.

    We are unholy and need to lighten up about ourselves. I make fun of myself all the time. I hope someday that I will earn a scathing parody on this or another site.

    But God is holy and deserves more respect than Mr. Bean gave him.

  4. Nancy Drew Says:

    Mr. Miller,

    You won’t typically find me spending much time defending my posts, but I’ll say a word of response to your comment, then I’ll be done with it. I have no illusions that Mr. Atkinson is a Christian man, but it seems clear to me that he is, in fact, making fun of Christians, and not God. If he’s not, then let’s just assume that I am using him to do so myself. You see, when people take the clear words of Scripture – you know, the ones that don’t require an MDiv to understand, the ones that just about any 8th grader could comprehend – and turns them into something else…well, then, you end up with Jesus being a good illusionist. He didn’t really turn water into wine. He just gave the illusion that he did. Well, if that’s the case then perhaps he did a lot of other “tricks” for people.

    I suspect we’re about to see Mr. Lamekin argue that Jesus turned the water into something other than wine. Maybe something that looked (and even tasted?) strikingly like the real thing, but in the end was something else. Well, in that case, maybe the liberals are right and Jesus didn’t really rise from the dead but only appeared to do so. He wasn’t really dead, just like the “wine” at the wedding wasn’t really wine.

    Actually, I have to put these little fun clips up just to keep from ripping my hair out. I don’t know of any attractive women who are bald.

  5. Dave Miller Says:

    This whole wine thing has been the strangest thing for me. I have never had a drop of alcohol in my life (well, cough syrup and and such) and I have devoted a lot of time blogging in defense of alcohol consumption. Is this the real world?

    The only part of that I was referring to is the line attributed to Jesus that Mr. Hunt referenced up above.

    And I was expressing my convictions. That is where I come down. I don’t expect everyone else to fall in line with my convictions.

    I guess I’m not a good Baptist.

    If feel guilty now, unburdening my soul to a woman not my wife. But then you are really a man, right? Actually, that might be worse.

  6. Dave Miller Says:

    “I feel guilty now…” durned typos

  7. Nancy Drew Says:

    One more, then I’m done (I promise). I don’t remember exactly where I read it, but isn’t it interesting that we don’t consider the phrase, “Oh, heavens!” to be inappropriate, but we do, “Oh, hell!” Yet Jesus did tell us not to swear by heaven and said nothing about swearing by hell.

  8. Dave Miller Says:

    I don’t know what the heaven you are talking about.

  9. Dave Miller Says:

    You and your website can just go to heaven.

  10. jasonk Says:

    I thought it was really funny. And Jesus thought it was funny too.

  11. Nancy Drew Says:

    Mr. Miller,

    The hell you don’t.

  12. Dave Miller Says:

    Is that any way for a lady to talk?

  13. James Hunt Says:


    I get offended both by “what the typical abstentionist does with Scripture as fodder for their agenda” as well as what I have already complained about.


  14. Ramona Hughes Says:

    Very Wittenburg Door-ish. Nice

    🙂 Keep up the funny work and don’t even consider letting the “holier than thou” types wear you down — though they will anyway.

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