A TooDazed Sighting

We were particularly honored this weekend to discover that Babwa mentioned us in an article in the Daily Oklahoman newspaper (HT: SBC Outpost). We are not especially persuaded that SBC Today is as above board as Babwa claims. We here at SBC TooDazed consider veiled references to others (such as “The blogger at Grace and Truth To You”) to be every bit as personal as if they were just to come out and say the name “Wade Burleson” (our apologies to “the unnamed one”). But we’re sort of sticklers that way. In fact, I’ve noticed that on more than several occasions they like to make these veiled references to others and when they are called on it they pull back like King David’s army on Uriah claiming to be speaking about “no one in particular.” In fact, I think Mr. Mann was repeatedly accused of that very thing in the comments regarding his resolution for Indianapolis. [More on that resolution to come.] If they are being honest then they waste a whole bunch of time talking about no one and nothing in particular, which means that they mean to take us all on a regular snipe hunt.

We are also not persuaded that Babwa understands us. We might be inclined to accuse her of misrepresenting us, but perhaps she hasn’t taken her reading comprehension requirement from Liberty Online yet. Apparently she told this reporter that our purpose here at SBC TooDazed is to mock the founders of SBC Today. Well, we would simply invite you to read our disclaimer which says that this is a parody site of SBC Today, not a parody of their founders. While I do enjoy ribbing the co-hosts there, this is ultimately about the things they and others like them promote, not them as people. Truthfully I don’t know any of them to any degree which would allow me to ridicule them. Perhaps if I knew that one of them was, like Martin Luther, given to regular bouts of flatulence I could have some fun with that. Or if, say, Yippee was given to watching daytime soap operas, I might find something in that worthy of some level of derision. Or if Liz really did wear a secret decoder ring and secretly wishes she was Jessica Fletcher….well….now that I mention that, I do suppose I’ve mocked their private investigative skills. But if you’ll not only read the disclaimer, but the posts as well you will discover that I am mocking their agenda and sometimes the way they go about advocating it.

No, truth be told I consider them to be far more dangerous than me. After all, you can read my ramblings and easily conclude that the vast majority of it is satire, tongue-in-cheek and rubbish and that I don’t particularly pretend that it is anything different. However, when you read SBC Today you pretty much get the same amount of refuse as you find here, but it is cloaked in all manner of seriousness.

Bottom line, we have different agendas for the Southern Baptist Convention. They make their points with innuendo. Me. I’m not much into that.

But hey. Thanks for the props! I’m going to have to hire myself a cop to monitor all of the new traffic.


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24 Responses to “A TooDazed Sighting”

  1. Dave Miller Says:

    As someone who has crossed swords several times with David Worley and Peter Lumpkins, I can see how they frustrate you. But it is hard to hold the moral high ground when you operate an anonymous site that specializes in ridicule.

    By way of confession of sin, I found the site humorous if not honorable.

  2. Dave Miller Says:

    Ben, it is strange to me that this site would actually moderate comments.

  3. Nancy Drew Says:

    Mr. Miller,

    I moderate all comments. By the way, who’s Ben?


  4. Dave Miller Says:

    I wonder…

  5. Nancy Drew Says:

    Mr. Miller,

    Seriously, everyone knows who Ben Cole is, but I simply don’t know why you’ve addressed a comment to him here. He is not here and that I know of he has not been here.

  6. Dave Miller Says:

    Whatever you say.

  7. Todd Littleton Says:


    I found it interesting Wes would raise the awareness of your little blog as he did in The Oklahoman article.

    For what it is worth, while I may not be as clever as you with wit and sarcasm, it is readily apparent to me your genre should not detract from the particular issues you raise with these posts. I find them in the vein of the prophetic. I have had this conversation with Mr. Miller and find him generally reasonable. On this point, though, I would have to disagree. To use a style of rhetoric not foreign to Scripture is not sinful. It may strike at our personal sensibilities but I am not ready to call it sin.

    Feel free to poke at us at the Outpost. It sure keeps us thinking through our arguments.

  8. Dave Miller Says:

    If Todd thinks I am generally reasonable, he obviously doesn’t know me that well.

    To clarify, I love satire. I just have trouble seeing how it serves kingdom purposes.

  9. Dave Miller Says:

    I have a question.
    When you ask a question at one of these sites, you never know what you will get in return.

    But, when “Rosie” or Bart or others comment here, are those their actual comments, or do you make those up as part of the satire?

    Hoping for a straight answer…

  10. Nancy Drew Says:

    Mr. Miller,

    I can’t make up comments that good. The only thing I occasionally change is the name.

  11. A Resolution On Theological Evagation « SBC TooDazed Says:

    […] Comments Nancy Drew on Evidence of a (Not Too) Creepi…Nancy Drew on A TooDazed SightingR. L. Vaughn on Evidence of a (Not Too) Creepi…Dave Miller on A TooDazed SightingDave […]

  12. Todd Littleton Says:

    Maybe you’re not so reasonable.:)

    I am guessing the prophetic did not serve the Kingdom in some of its more derisive tones.

  13. Nancy Drew Says:

    Mr. Miller,

    I’m inclined to simply drop this, but it would really be better for you not to accuse Ben of something he is not guilty of. I’m sure he’s more than happy to take credit for plenty that he is responsible for. Let’s just not make him guilty of that for which he is not responsible. Hell hath more spawn than Ben Cole.

  14. art rogers Says:

    For what it is worth, Nancy could not possibly be Ben. Ben, even if he wanted to do so, could never bring himself to dangle prepositions.

  15. art rogers Says:

    No offense, though, Nancy. It’s just not Ben’s style.

  16. Nancy Drew Says:

    Mr. Rogers,

    In the words of Winston Churchill, “Dangling prepositions is something up with which I will not put.” I knowingly dangled those first two and intentionally did not dangle the third.

  17. Dave Miller Says:

    Its kind of like the debate over the authorship of Hebrews. It may not be Paul, but it someone Pauline.

    It may or may not be Ben Cole’s fingers on the keyboard, but the author is Coline.

  18. Dave Miller Says:

    I love to dangle my prepositions.

  19. chadwick Says:

    Sister Nancy,

    One of the SBCToday “founding-fathers” (detectives?) called us a couple of months ago “out of the middle of nowhere” . . . “just to talk (11:00PM)” . . . we found that strange. As we talked, he sorta slid in the question and asked us if we “knew anything about the satirical blog: SBCTooDazed.” We were oblivious! (Looking back, we think he was ‘a fishin’ us’, at chadwickivester, to see if we were the culprits ‘behind the 2dazed veil!’ We have done a few spoofs at the expense of the 2day crew . . . and we figure they thought you were us!)

    We immediately went to your blog, as directed by one of the “2daydetectives” and have been hooked on your blog ever since! 😛 Therefore, we would have never found your blog if it would not have been for the SBC2day detectives! 😉

    Thank You! SBCToday FoundingFathers for leading us to Nancy!!!! 😛

    Now, Nancy, would you please publicly acknowledge that you are not chadwickivester!!!!! so that the SBC2day detectives will remove chadwickivester from their SUSPECT LIST!

    The only confession we have at chadwickivester is:

    chadwick (senior editor of chadwickivester.wordpress.com)


    Nancy, would you like to collaborate with chadwickivester on a special spoof in the near future?

  20. Nancy Drew Says:

    Dearest Chadwick,

    Now, dear, do you see what I mean? Calling them “detectives” is being terribly generous, don’t you think? First they harass poor Robert L. Thompson and now you. When will it ever end? They really should turn in their magnifying glasses and buy an online subscription to The Sword Of The Lord or a good laxative.

    I hope this settles the matter for them.

    As for the collaboration, why not? E-mail me @ ndrewpi@gmail.com

  21. TBone Says:

    Looking for Bill Kiffen (sp?)…. Great guy…..Seemed to ask the tough questions on another blog and then take it on the chin. Has anyone heard from him?

  22. Robert L. Thompson Says:


    Last I remember, the sleuths at SBCToday finally realized that Bill Kiffin was the name of an old time British Baptist. Seeing as he already died, and has yet to be resurrected, they figured someone must have hijacked his name. Well, contrary to what they say over there, anonymous posts are not welcomed. Bill himself told me as much, seeing as they banned him from their blog after they harrassed him about his real name and he wouldn’t tell them. After all, last time i checked, anonymous means anonymous. But never fear, there is more than one pseudonym floating around out there. Who knows, he might have already picked up another one and joined in the conversation.

  23. TBone Says:

    I will keep my ear perked for the tenor of his delicate, wise voice. Who knows, maybe even he one day will be “t-boned” and thus yield himself to an auspicouse nickname like mine….

    I do have a question for him that goes beyond the significance of institutional degrees that he was referencing the other day to the place where I wonder if a degree of any sort is necessary. My query explores the difference between education and indoctrination…. The tone was elevated upon him such that I did not want to “grab the stray dog by the ears” so to speak….

    Sorry to waste valuable space here.

    Highest personal regards,


  24. Alan Cross Says:

    No, this clearly is not Ben. It is very funny, but I can tell differences in the writing style.

    Keep it coming. We all need to be made fun of from time to time!

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