Les Puryear – The Well-Oiled Political Machine

The real enemy of the SBCBlogger Les Puryear is a well-oiled political machine. If you don’t believe me just ask Damned Barebones. He was so offended by what he perceived as a shot against him from ol’ Les that he droned on and on for, I don’t know, nineteen or so paragraphs on Puryear’s supposed political machinations.

Reading the always salient “This is your best post ever. I couldn’t agree more!” comments reveals that Bro. Puryear vicariously supports women pastors, the CBF, lawsuits, Private Prayer Languages, alcohol consumption, R-rated movies, tattoos, totalitarian regimes and the candidacy of Barak Obama. I say vicariously because anything Wade Burleson, Ben Cole or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad supports, Les supports.  We know this because he once saw Wade Burleson with his own eyes, has thus far failed to unequivocally denounce Ben Cole as the spawn of Lucifer and preached a sermon in which he uttered a paragraph where all the letters in Ahmadinejad’s name were used (coincidence? I don’t think so.).

Les. How in the world do you think you could get elected Sunday School Director in your own church with that on your resumé?

What’s worse is that Les hosted a small church conference. Les, Les, Les. Don’t you know that if you want to get anywhere in Southern Baptist life you must pay homage to the right people (as opposed to the wrong ones, of course) and that would certainly include every bright shining light who pastors a church well over the “small” threshold.

No, my friend. Whatever your political aspirations you can be assured that they will come to the same unfortunate fate of your motion in San Antonio. No. Actually they will come to a much worse fate. That is, if we Baptist Identity folk have anything to say about it.

“Good luck!” <wink, wink>


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