Preach It!

I confess that I love listening to people preach against other people’s sins (OPS). You know you’ve done it, too. You sit there thinking to yourself, “I sure hope ol’ so-and-so is listening to this. He/she sure could use it.” It may not even be OPS. It may be OPT (other people’s theology).

ShoutingYes. It is a joyous sound in my ears to hear some good pulpit thumping against Emergents (or emergents), people who speak in tongues, drink alcohol, have sex, know who Mark Driscoll is, read Brian McLaren books, are Calvinists, baptize babies, vote for Democrats or blog. That’s what makes being a Southern Baptist so rewarding. You can hear this stuff at just about any Baptist conference or convention. You can even post links to them on your blog for others to listen to over and over and over again.

Imagine the hearty “Amens!” you’ll hear when preaching against that Jezebel Hillary Clinton. Especially when there isn’t a soul in the building who would vote for her if a gun was to their head. I mean, everyone can give an “Amen!” to that, now can’t they? Or imagine the frenzy you can whip a Baptist group in to by preaching against Calvinists. Those poor souls account for a paltry 10% of the denomination at best. Give it to them and give it to them good and you are guaranteed to have 90% of the crowd glad-handing you afterwards. Oh, and then there are those emergent people. There may only be two of them in the entire SBC, but what delight it brings to shout their post-conservative, post-liberal, post-Republican, postmodern, Post Toastie-eating selves into as much shame and disgrace as a person can stand.

Yes. We Baptists excel at preaching against OPS and OPT.

Sorry to cut this short, but I’m off to my third helping of that chocolate pie that’s in the fridge. It’s yummy!


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