The Sounds of Silence

It appears that Babwa and the girls, along with all of the other Paige Patterson groupies out there, have gone all Helen Keller on us.

SBC Outpost has been publishing the Paige Patterson court deposition.  My, oh my!  I never thought a public leader would ever prove to have a memory worse than Ronald Regan during the Iran-Contra proceedings.  Boy, was I wrong.

Not only that, but the things he does remember impeach his woeful leadership skills.  We all know that Sonic would not fire a fry cook based upon such unsubstantiated and undocumented hearsay.  In fact, to pursue a professor without a formal follow-up is to act on nothing more than the gossip of some students who’s agenda remains unknown (if those students, in fact, existed in the first place).

Perhaps those student’s names are Huckleberry Finn, Genji and Madame Bovary – real in the minds of some, but fictional characters to the rest of us.  Who will ever know?  The ineptitude of employer Patterson’s memory is only outdone by his equally inept documentation responsibilities.  And these are not simply allegations.  You can read the public transcripts for yourself.

Which makes one wonder where Babwa, Yippee, Liz, Peter, Damned Barebones and Rosie all are at this moment.  Why aren’t they talking at The View?  Perhaps the batteries in all of their wireless keyboards have all mysteriously gone out at the same time.  Oh, no, that can’t be it.  After all, some of them have made announcements about the official decision of the court.  When it comes to defending Paige Patterson these folks are usually about as inhibited as Rosie O’Donnell and Alec Baldwin are in their comments regarding George Bush (though in an opposite sort of way).

I’d bet my pink Cadillac that not a one of them will have anything at all to say about this deposition.  Oh, brother Barebones may try to find some creative way to make angels dance on the heads of pins.  The rest will just stand there combing their hair in hopes of finding an angel or two up there.


8 Responses to “The Sounds of Silence”

  1. Rosie O'Worley Says:

    do you claim to be a christian?

  2. Nancy Drew Says:


    You’re too funny! It now appears that questioning the leadership of Paige Patterson or asking why his followers are silent in the midst of his gross hypocrisy means you are not a Christian. If I were you I’d go read me some Galatians or Romans or something. According to the New Testament salvation does not come through faith in Paige Patterson. Perhaps you should be asking yourself that question.

  3. Rosie O'Worley Says:

    i’m not questioning your salvation based on your questioning the leadership of dr. patterson. i’m questioning it based on your overall attitude. let’s take your insinuation from your last post about peter lumpkins. it really sounds like you may be calling him a homosexual….right? why would you make false accusations against a “fellow believer?” and, some of the other things you have commented on in other blogs really came across as accusatory and condemning and insulting. if you’re a christian, then why would you continue to act this way?


  4. Nancy Drew Says:

    No, my dear boy. I’m not insinuating that Peter is a homosexual. I’m insinuating that he has an unhealthy obsession with Wade Burleson. He says he does not, but then he goes about doing a video of himself which he claims is about nothing, really. Except that he spends an awful lot of time talking about Mr. Burleson. Then, lo and behold, he dedicates his own web page to Wade. I like pointing out these little inconsistencies.

    No. I don’t think Peter is a homosexual. I doubt anyone else does either. Especially his wife. But I would also expect her to tell him to quit spending so much time obsessing about another man. I think he has deplorable taste in headwear, a blind barber and should spend more time watching TLC’s “What not to wear” program, but I don’t think he’s a homosexual. No self-respecting homosexual would be caught dead in those wife-beater shirts he wears and the only homosexuals I’ve seen still wearing mullets are lesbians and I’m pretty sure Peter is no lesbian. But I like to tease you fellas. You take it so well. Just look at your comments to me. You’re such a good sport, Rosie.

    No, the problem is that you girls have thin skin. You don’t know how to laugh at yourselves.

    Now, as for my comments on other blogs…that’s just more of this good-natured ribbing I like giving the private investigators over at SBC Today. They take themselves so seriously that they try to hunt down anonymous commenters. And they simply aren’t very good at it. One wonders why they do it. It’s another obsession you girls seem to have. You’ve got to control others and if you can’t you’ll ban them and try to shut them out. Well…you can’t ban folks like me from my own site, here, now can you? If they won’t let people like my friend Bill Kiffin comment over there, then he’s welcome to come comment over here. You, too, except that I might change your name to Rosie O’Worley or something. Because it’s fun. Because you take it so well. Because you need thicker skin and I’m just doing my part to help you.

    You see, Jesus taught us not to worry so much about what others think and say. Now you can come here to your heart’s content and learn not to think a thing about what I think or say. And I’ll keep thinking it and saying it so that you can grow in your walk with Christ. Iron sharpening iron.

  5. Rosie O'Worley Says:

    you know, my skin is very thick. believe me…i’ve faced worse things that what you say.

    also, you’re sounding more and more like paul littleton with every comment. are you paul littleton?


  6. Nancy Drew Says:


    Thick skinned people usually don’t complain quite so much. And they usually know how to laugh at themselves. You folks do not. Not online, anyway.

    I’ve already told you who I am. My name is “Laura” and I’m married to a famous politician in Washington DC named George.

    If you want to know more than that then find out the names of those students who complained to Paige Patterson about Sheri Klouda and publish them on your blog. Then I’ll tell you more about who I am.

    But I do enjoy watching you speculate. Emily McGowin and Paul Littleton. Hehe.

  7. Robert L. Thompson Says:


    I’m confused. Am I homosexual? Others seem to believe you have insight into such matters, I was hoping you could answer my question. Please help me.

  8. Nancy Drew Says:

    Robert L. Thompson,

    If you are confused you might be a homosexual. Last I knew you were a Sprint employee, not that Sprint employees can’t also be homosexuals. Let me ask you a few questions:

    Are you attracted to women?

    Are you married to a woman?

    Are you a man?

    Have you ever had a sex-change operation?

    Do you have a mullet?

    If you answered “yes” to the first three then you can be reasonably sure you are not a homosexual. If you answered yes to either of the last two then you are probably a lesbian. If you are a lesbian then you are, by definition, a homosexual. Are you a woman who wears Birkenstocks? Men’s clothing? A “butch” hair style? Did you play girls softball in high school? These may also be indications that you are a lesbian.

    If you are a man, are you obsessively neat? Are all your best friends women? Do you like to shop? Do you spend a lot of time watching TLC? Do you say, “Whatever!” a lot? If so you may be a homosexual.

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