Man-crush Gone Wild

It appears that poor Wade Burleson may need to remind Peter Lamekin of his staunch record of heterosexuality. It appears that in Peter’s man-crush he has “devoted” an entire web page solely to Wade Burleson.

I remember a while back someone accusing Peter of an obsession with Wade which Peter vociferously denied. Now he’s started his own e-Harmony-like web page to capture sixteen photos of Wade (along with two photos of Wade’s right ear) and a page full of quotes from Wade – mostly taken out of context. Uhhhh…..right, Peter. Right.

Personally I don’t have a lot of interest in Peter (wink, wink). I hardly think of him at all (never mind my last post). But a “friend” of mine compiled a list of quotes from Peter that I am sharing here.

That Peter’s one scary dude (kiss, kiss).


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