In Honor of Peter Lamekin

The fondness that our sisteren over at The View have for their friend Peter Lamekin has not gone unnoticed here at SBC TooDazed and we don’t want our fondness for Pedro to go unnoticed, either.

Peter is one of the most loquacious, even if a little obtuse, members of the Baptist blogosphere. He knows how to bless with grace even when he’s cursing with every other word he hammers out on his keyboard. We also noticed that Peter seems to have some sort of man crush on Wade Burleson. We don’t know what Peter did with his last video installment, which he claimed had no agenda, yet in which he made reference to Wade Burleson (or rather Wade BURleson) no less than 11 times, but don’t think that it escaped our admiring notice.

We have noticed that Peter enjoys a commenting toleration at his blog that is similar to that of his sisters at The View. Fortunately for Peter most of those who comment there are his friends so that he does not have to put up with those pesky people who refuse to confirm him in what he already believes.

Historically the Lamekin clan is traced back to Northumberland in England. Northumberland is situated on the border between England and Scotland and is the site of many historic battles between the English and the Scots. It is no surprise to us, then, that Lamekin enjoys a good fight.

So, here’s to our brother Peter who takes arrogance and condescension to new heights on a regular basis. Cheers! And tell Wade that we send our best.

With that, I am…….



3 Responses to “In Honor of Peter Lamekin”

  1. Rosie O'Worley Says:

    nancy drew,

    are you emily hunger mcgowan?


  2. Rosie O'Worley Says:

    ummmm…i meant..emily hunter mcgowan….


  3. Nancy Drew Says:

    Rosie (David),

    Nope. I’m Nancy Drew.

    Perhaps you could employ the outstanding superior adequate investigative skills of your friends Liz and Yippee. They might tell you that I’m married to a rather well-known politician in Washington DC by the name of George. If you’d like you can call me at 202-456-1111. But don’t ask for “Nancy.” Ask for “Laura.” I go by my middle name at home.

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