Frank Cox, Our Kind of Non-Calvinist

This is a guest column by our friend Liz Hasselhoff. Liz is our resident Latin scholar (which means that she knows two Latin words: sola and gratia). Liz is also our resident defender of selective theological points gleaned from that reformer John Calvin. We hope you enjoy this installment from SBC TooDazed.

Would you please repeat the Shahada with me:

“There is no God but God, and John Calvin is his messenger.”

We here at SBC TooDazed want to make sure you fully grasp the Calvinistic implications of the upcoming SBC presidential election in June. In the great many interviews that we have done we’ve gotten around to two of the declared presidential candidates. We probably won’t interview Wiley Drake as everyone knows he is a freak of nature and has about as much chance winning the SBC Presidency as I have of discovering who Bill Kiffin really is or that my friend Yippee Goldstein will ever get “the 411.” But we have interviewed Frank Cox and Bill Wagner and we have determined that, of the two, Frank Cox is our kind of non-Calvinist.

Bill Wagner believes Calvinists are unevangelistic, perhaps even anti-evangelistic. Never mind that Frank Cox likely believes exactly the same thing yet refused to be so direct in his assertion. We like code words and code phrases – like “give me the 411.” Direct discourse is for sissies. No. Frank Cox only said that he is a biblicist. We would much prefer that our SBC President imply that we do not believe the Bible than that he directly state that he wonders if we are fully committed to evangelism and missions. We can assure you that we Calvinists believe in evangelism and missions whether we believe the Bible or not. Now, of course, we don’t mind telling you that we believe in both. But if you are going to call our devotion to one or the other into question, then question our devotion to the Bible and you will get our hearty endorsement (and here). Question our commitment to evangelism and missions and….well….probably not.

For more great lessons in Latin, please visit our friend Liz (a.k.a. Scott Gordon) at He puts the “fun” in “fundamentalist!”


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