O Bart, Where Art Thou?

We here at SBC TooDazed are pleased to have a new reader, Bart Barber, from Damned Barebones. Bart is a long-time associate of Babwa and the girls. We noted some time back that a very poor attempt at a parody of the weblog SBC Outpost was highlighted by Bart on his blog. Of course, the jocularity at SBC Outpests only lasted a few weeks as it appeared that the blog owner was woefully short on material. To be honest, we at SBC TooDazed were not overly impressed with the attempts they did make. This makes us inclined to believe that Liz was behind the SBC Outpests. You remember Liz. She’s the one who tracked down Bill Kiffin at Robert L. Thompson’s house in Kansas City……or not. Liz needs a good pencil sharpener, because she is rather blunt.

Anyhoo, since Brother Barebones is a fan of parody blogs, we look forward to his link over here at SBC TooDazed. After all, we can’t nearly be as lame as SBC Outpests.

Welcome aboard, Brother Barebones!

[And if Liz wants to know how I knew you visited, please tell her that I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to follow along.]


One Response to “O Bart, Where Art Thou?”

  1. Damned Barebones Says:

    Cool. I don’t even have my own category at MY blog.

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