Random Hilarity

You will soon discover that this blog exists to show my unending admiration for the girls over at The View. [Note: it will help you to quickly read through my Disclaimer page]

So here’s a really funny story. Strange, but true. A guy named Bill Kiffin (not his real name) entered the comment stream over at The View. He wanted to get to the point, but the ladies over there simply wouldn’t let him. Before long they were demanding that he tell them who he really was. Of course, these girls are not the sort to be trusted, and Bill knew this, so he kept his identity to himself and before long they kicked him off the set.

Now, here’s the really funny part. “Resource manager” Yippee Goldstein asks another person who commented, who apparently has some computer-related knowledge, to call her to give her “the 411” on how to track down the real identity of Bill Kiffin. And then co-host Liz Hasselhoff begins to try to track Bill down. She goes so far as to tell him “we’ve got you now, Bill Kiffin! We know that your name is Robert L. Thompson and that you live in Kansas City!”

OK. Brace yourself. Here’s where it gets good. Robert L. Thompson is an employee with Sprint who lives in Kansas City, but has not the least clue about The View. He wouldn’t know Karin Bear or Shifty Shepherd if they rang his doorbell.

So, can you imagine these girls with their secret decoder rings and their Sherlock Holmes detective kits and their subscriptions to PI Magazine hunting down poor Bill Kiffin only to end up falsely accusing some poor Sprint employee of hijacking their little internet weblog? This stuff is better than Laurel and Hardy. Abbott and Costello. Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. You can’t make this stuff up. Liz Hasselhoff couldn’t find a lost quarter in the floorboard of her car.

What may be the sad side to this funny little story is that the girls at The View apparently think so highly of themselves that they would try to hunt down an anonymous commenter for what? To preserve the righteousness of their blog? To teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget? It’s really sort of creepy if you ask me.


6 Responses to “Random Hilarity”

  1. Ann Curry Says:

    That’s just SO interesting! Who would have thought? Those girls over at the View, they got it goin’ on, girlfriend!

  2. Babwa Wawa Says:

    Man, how boring is your life?

  3. Nancy Drew Says:

    Babwa! Welcome to SBC TooDazed! We are glad you stopped by. We are looking forward to your upcoming interview with Jerry Vines’ secretary’s third cousin. Those interviews are both lucid and compelling!

    As to my boring life, it is apparently far less boring than the lives of Yippee and Liz who have the time to try to (unsuccessfully) track down the anonymous Bill Kiffins of the Internet. How boring does one’s life have to be to pursue all of that detective work…and for what? And to be so excruciatingly bad at it to boot?

    No, my friend, my life is far less boring than that!

  4. Babwa Wawa Says:

    Sadly, Dr. Vine’s secretary’s third cousin seems to be unavailable. We’ve put all our resources into tracking him down, and we’ve got bupkis. I know, you’d think with our talent for investigation we’d have no trouble, but there you are.

    Anyway, tomorrow we’re going with an interview with SBC presidential candidate Bill Wagner. Hope you like it!

  5. Babwa Wawa Says:

    I’d like to offer a suggestion, if I may. Your “About” page speaks of a penchant for “…beating you about the head and neck with our truth.”

    While that may be the preferred method here at SBC TooDazed, we at SBC Today prefer to smite folk hip and thigh with our truth.

    For what it’s worth…


  6. Nancy Drew Says:


    Girl, you sure get around for a site here that’s a huge waste of time. Is Ergun not keeping you busy enough with your Internet Theological Studies?

    We are painfully aware of the many and variegated ways that you girls at The View smite people with your truth. Hip. Thigh. Shoulder. Head. Neck. Ankle. Meniscus. But we must find some point at which to limit the body parts we mention so that we can get back to American Idol. We hear tell that you’ve had some singing experience in the past and we are waiting for you to audition for that show. We might even be inclined to call in and support you.

    By the way, if Yippee and Liz are unaware of your singing abilities you might call or e-mail so that they’ll have the 411. We’ve noticed that Yippee likes to get the 411 (and that Liz very rarely gets the 411, even when it is given to her).

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